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Works in Progress

Two of Hearts


A Chicago attorney finds the keys to his past - and his future - on a Texas ranch.

contemporary romance

Fear the Painted Devil

What do you do when you're betrayed by the one person you thought you could trust? Four friends find themselves embroiled in a complicated scheme of sex, deceit, and murder.

romantic suspense

Perchance to Dream

Plagued by terrifying nightmares, a young attorney flees the life she loves - only to find that the greatest danger may lie closer than she could have dreamed.

romantic suspense

Sinji's Travels

The year is 2350. Starjet fighter pilot Koni Wingfield and her weapons specialist wing-man Dominic Lannigan, members of the elite Intergalactic Tactical Space Force, are on a mission to bring vital information on a race of alien barbarians to the governors at the capital. Over the course of their quest, Koni and Lannigan find both danger and love as they battle to restore peace to the galaxy.

science fiction romance

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